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Our Syllabus

Our curriculum is the whole layout and information of our lessons. We adapt our approach to each lesson to meet each individual’s needs. Our aim is to prepare each individual for Gr R.  We concentrate on the following areas of competence (amongst others):

letters; numbers; shapes; colours; cutting; colouring in; writing of letters and numbers; sort work; drawing; glue and paste; share; cooperation; make turns; transition from one activity to another; calendar (seasons; months of the year etc.); physical development

The academic work has been worked out for a year in advance for our classes.
Every lesson, device and resources are planned ahead, so your child will never sit unoccupied and be frustrated. Of course, there are plenty of plans for enough free time between activities.

Each week has a theme and our Bible stories, poems, craft, art, paint, music, construction, games and even our motion games are planned accordingly.

We also invite interesting visitors to our school every term. Visitors are eg. the dog unit of the police, a nurse talking about healthy habits for children, a fireman in uniform who tells about his work, the traffic department etc.

You will receive an academic calendar for the year with all the themes, events and cookery dates.

A General Progress Report will be sent to you at the end of each term.

Healthy approach

Extramural Activities

Available at Siembamba in the afternoons from 2 till 3.30pm. All activities are facilitated by fully accredited instructors.


A fun way to stimulate children’s physical development.

Dance Kids & Rugga Kids

Classical ballet training & introductory rugby training.

Beaux Art:

Lovely, messy pottery classes.

Nemo Swimming Academy:

Personal training in a heated swimming pool.

Need to know

Importan Information

Please note that NO peanuts or peanut products are allowed to be sent to school.

Many children are hypo-allergic to peanuts. Often children share their snacks and it could have dire results.

Please pack an extra set of clothes for accidents.

We prefer if your child wears older clothes at all times as we work with paint at school!

Have a look every afternoon to see if the correct items are in your bag.

Please mark all items – even individual shoes or socks.

We love to make a huge fuss about our birthday-children as it is a very important day for them.

If you wish to send anything to school, please provide a square cake only. Our children are still very small and party packs and cool drinks only go to waste.

The Birthday Queen or King receives a crown, blows out the candles, and help the teacher to cut the cake into different sizes. Some of our kids only eat very small quantities of cake, so we prefer to cut cubes according to their needs.

The Birthday King then hands out the cake, and may stand on teacher’s table while we sing Happy Birthday.

He receives a lot of other privileges on the day and it is a day of great fun for the Guest of Honour at Siembamba.

We request that you do not visit your child during school hours.

It may upset your child when you leave again.

It can also cause disruption in the teacher’s lesson time and her attending to the other pupils.

You are most welcome to phone us if you are worried about your child at any time, except in their nap time from 12 to 2.

Please feel free to make an appointment to talk to your class teacher or the principal at an appropriate time.

Children with a fever, heavy colds, diarrhoea, flue or contagious diseases must please be nursed at home.

Please hand medicine to your class teacher and sign the medicine register.

Never put medicine in your child’s bag.  Remember to take your medicine home in the afternoon.

The school is enclosed by high walls for security.

We have Atlas armed response for safety, medical and fire service.

The entrance gate is controlled by a remote control from inside the school by the principal.

No cash is permitted on our premises. This is clearly stated on signs on our perimeter.

No visitors are allowed at our school during the day, except by pre-arranged and controlled appointments.

Our entire staff received First Aid- and CPR training (with regular refresher courses) with specific training to assist children in an emergency.

We are situated one kilometre from MediCross in case of serious medical injuries.

There are CCTV cameras on the premises. 

We have two large classrooms inside, and three huge undercover porch areas in front of the classes for sheltered play during wet weather or for shade in summer.

A huge sand play area with 8 tons of sea sand is at the back of the school.

The large jungle gym with swings is covered with a roof for shade.

At the front of the school there is a paved area for games.

The smaller swings for our little ones is situated here.

Large trees and  smaller roofed areas provide shade during hot weather.

Breakfast is served at 7.30 am till 7:50 am at the school

Our learning program is from 8 in the morning until 12 noon.
1. Every morning starts with a music ring. 2. Then we discuss the theme of the week. 3. Our art and handwork activities follows..

Snack time is at 9:15 and 14:45 pm.
Please supply a sandwich/fruit and something to drink. Fizzy drinks and sweets are not allowed.
Only on a Friday may  small items such as a few chips or sweets be added to the lunch box.

The rest of the morning is used for educational toy time, play dough, construction work, physical development games, stories and dramatization.

 Lunchtime is at 11:15
A cooked meal is served (one plant protein portion, one starch and lots of fresh vegetables).This is included in your school fee.
Please alert us if your child has any food allergies. We encourage our kids to eat healthy meals and drink lots of water.

Then it is nap time till 2 pm.
You are welcome to come and collect your child anytime after nap time up to 5.30 pm.
After their nap we have reading time.This gives the children an opportunity to gently get back into a more active frame of mind until 3 o’clock.

14:45 pm our pupils have the rest of their snacks and sandwiches that you sent to school.
Ball play, sand activities, extra mural activities and free play follows.

School Holidays
A  holiday program is available. We are closed from the 16th of December until the second week in January, as well as public holidays.


Contact Person:
Mignonne van Heerden (Principal)

041 367 4976


082 656 6543