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Our School
Our Mission


Our school existed since 1988 and we have been educating children from as early as 15 months of age to children of 5 years. From our school, they progressed to grade R to, mostly, the other primary schools in our area, being Lorraine primary, Sunridge primary, Charlo primary and Mount Pleasant primary. We are a dual medium school. Each child is educated in the language that he will be using in his grade one class. This year, about one third of our pupils were English speaking and the rest were Afrikaans speaking, all of them socialising and interacting very well with each other.

Our philosophy

Character and Vision of Siembamba


Our school maintains a Christian education philosophy. We educate our children according to the principle of love, being calm and having respect for each other, for their parents, the community and for nature. The staff handles children and our parents with LOVE. It’s also our foundation for all interaction, learning, discipline, fun and play.

Our goal is to make self-respect, a calm mind and calm action part of each child. Our goal is also to make every child eager to learning, being curious and excited about his own skills. We want them to develop socially and to respect people. We want to stimulate them optimally and get them ready for “big” school. Our goal is to support our parents in everything. You are welcome to discuss problems with us at any time

Be at ease – we are your child’s mothers throughout the day – they are given as much love, hugs and support as possible. They are small and need the most emotional support and encouragement needed at this stage. Therefore, we are committed to making them as happy and confident as possible at our school.

What Parents are Saying

Julle is waarlik goed vir ons kinders. Kan nie glo hoe Estee gegroei het in die laaste jaar nie. Dis wonderlik om te sien hoe sy op sosiale en emosionele vlakke groei…Maak my vreeslik trots. Dankie vir al die liefde wat julle gee vir ons kinders.

Collett Fourie

Siembamba, baie dankie vir al die ‘dingetjies’ wat julle doen om dit lekker te maak vir ons kinders by die skool. Baie dankie ook vir al die FB-updates deur die dag, ek voel sommer deel van my kind se dag al kan ek nie self by haar wees nie. Dis lekker om te kan sien waarmee hul besig is. Kan nie wag dat my Zoey oud genoeg is om ook na Siembamba-skooltjie te kan gaan nie. Mia is so gelukkig by julle!!!

Deolette Scheepers-Malan

Siembamba!!! Dankie vir al die blessings (te veel om op te noem!!!!!) waarmee julle ons kindertjies toevou elke dag!!! Ons lief julle en besef julle waarde!! BRAVO aan ‘n SUPERSKOOL!!!!

Karline Botha


Contact Person:
Mignonne van Heerden (Principal)

041 367 4976


082 656 6543


google amca seni sikecekkk